Fourth of July Sale Finds

Online shopping has become a hobby for me. Fill up a cart with all my dream outfits, then check the total, laugh, and exit the page. This dynamic changes a bit when I find good sales. So my Fourth of July weekend was spent scouring the Internet for the best deals around! I knew I didn’t want to spend too much, but still wanted to take advantage of companies who didn’t offer sales too often, such as KJP.

I first ventured onto one of my favorite sites, J.Crew Factory. Their quality, classic pieces at incredibly affordable prices can sometimes lead to over shopping, but I went in knowing I wanted some cute white shorts, and a light sweater for the beach. I made sure I only stuck to the sale section (ok, that’s a lie. I did venture out of the sale section, but just to look). Minutes later I was greeted with the most darling sailor shorts. They had a 3″ inseam, and cute gold buttons down each hip. I knew they would fit wonderfully into my closet! So in the cart they went, for only $14.99. I’m excited to wear them with a sleeveless, pinstriped shirt I found at Talbots, but I know they’ll be incredibly versatile.

Now the hunt was on for the perfect sweater. It had to be something I could mix and match with my shorts, but also be a little quirky so I could wear it as the center of my outfit. Pages of scrolling with little success had me slightly hopeless. How would I stay warm on my late night strolls on the boardwalk of Cape May? But then it happened. I stumbled upon THE sweater. It was navy blue with a bright red lobster crawling it’s way up. Purchasing “Rock Lobster” was the best $26.50 I’ve spent. It’ll be adorable with jean shorts and sandals to roam the board walk, or fit right in overtop an Oxford at our end-of-vacation trip to The Lobster House.

Deals were to be had everywhere, but I knew I had to take advantage of KJP’s last sale until winter. For months I have been imagining, and centering outfits around their “World’s Your Oyster” necklace. It has a large pearl front and center, with a small token with your initial engraved. It hits right beneath the collar bone, making it ideal for dressing up any outfit. I found it on their website, a bit sad that it wasn’t that much cheaper with the sale. I splurged anyway, knowing it’ll look great, and because I had been dreaming about it for so long. It looks adorable with a t-shirt, or tucked under the collar of an Oxford. I think it’ll be great to stack, and work well with my other gold accessories!

I put in all my orders, and waited patiently for them to arrive. I think I may have scared my mailman by waiting at the mailbox, but I’m sure he understands. My necklace came just a few days later,and I haven’t taken it off since! Sadly, the post office lost my J.Crew order, but customer service could not have been better. J.Crew refunded my order and overnighted me everything I had bought. It really pays to shop at companies, even if they’re a little more expensive. So there it is, two weeks late, my Fourth of July Sale finds! Let me know if you made any fun sale purchases recently.

Stay Classy,


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