Finding Your Go-To Dress

Think back on when you were little. You had that  one dress your mom put you into for any occasion. It was the only one you would agree to wear. I remember mine; it was from Gymboree. Its long pink sleeves kept me warm from ages 3-6. It’s in every piano recital picture and of course, my preschool graduation. I think I loved it because it was cute and comfortable, but my mom saw it as something we would easily agree on, and incredibly versatile. It took the argument out of me getting dressed, something she had been praying for.

Flash forward to today, and I have another one of these dresses. It’s black with white polka dots, and a darling collar.  It’s been worn to weddings, museums, and even a Model UN conference. I feel like I get compliments on it wherever I go. Part of me wishes I could say I spent a fortune on it, so I’d feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth, but really it was only around $70. I found it the night before my neighbor’s wedding, after panicking at the thought of having nothing to wear. I tried on countless dresses at the mall, but nothing was quite right until I found this one by Ralph Lauren. I was scared to look at the price tag, but so glad I did.

Stumbling upon this dress was like a fairytale, but I know most of my shopping excursions don’t happen like this, so I’ll assume yours don’t either. It usually takes a great deal of hunting. When looking for a “Go-To Dress”, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.  You’ll want to consider places you’ll wear it, versatility, and cost. Understanding where you can wear this dress steers you in the direction of how fancy it should be. Do you go to a lot of weddings, or are you more of a classy brunch kind of girl? This is the difference between looking for a tea dress or a sundress. Think about colors too! Be sure you can wear it across a few seasons, and to different events. You never want a color or print to limit you. After having an understanding of the style and colors you would like, go out a hunt for one!

So you’ve found an array of dresses that fit the look you you’re going for. You should consider how versatile the dress is. This means you can dress it up or down with just a few accessories. I’ve found this crucial because I want an elegant look for a wedding, but a business look for Model UN all in the same dress. A sweater and flats make a world’s difference. If your dress can be worn in a multitude of ways, and you know you’ll wear it, I think its ok to splurge a bit when it comes to cost. Don’t simply spend money because you can though. If I can find my dream dress at Macy’s as it closes for only $70, you can find what you’re looking for on a budget too!

Finding a dress that takes the decisions out of getting ready for a big day elevates stress, so it’s worth all the hunting you have to do. You’ll never feel that pit in the bottom of your stomach because you “have nothing to wear”. Your “Go-To Dress” will become your best friend, and you’ll have tons of memories together. I wish you two the best!


Stay Classy,


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