Back to School

I’m sorry to tell you, but it is back to school season. Today was my first day back, and it wasn’t all that bad! I attribute my day to this darling dress I found at a local boutique. It was probably my favorite back to school shopping find. I went to a variety of places, and really stuck to the necessities. All in all, it was pretty successful, so I hope I can help you out and assuage your back to school worries with some fun outfits.

Before going shopping for a new wardrobe, I always like to take an inventory of what I already have. I thought back to days of the previous school year to assess areas of need. How many times did I wear a t-shirt and leggings because I couldn’t find a cute shirt? The answer was “every other day” incase you were wondering. This told me I should stock up on some versatile shirts. Did I re-wear jeans three times a week and hope nobody noticed? The answer is, and always will be yes, so I knew I should add some fun pants to mix it up. Lastly, I thought through school activities I might need outfits for. Things like Model United Nations require business attire, which I always seem to lack. After addressing staples I wanted to add to my closet, I was off to shopping!

I decided I wanted a variety of stores, so I thought The Outlets would be a productive start. Though I had troubles at first, Tommy Hilfiger saved the day. I found an adorable navy dress for Model United Nations, a button up shirt with tiny anchors, and a cozy sweater. Feeling accomplished, I moved on to J. Crew. A short sleeve sweater caught my eye. It was light brown with a small bow on the collar, and I knew I had to have it. I was proud of my purchases, only making one impulse buy. Who could pass up a khaki trench coat on sale at Banana Republic? Not me.

After my big day at The Outlets, I picked up a few more things from a variety of stores. Target was the place to go for fun pants. I found navy gingham cropped pants for only $20! I’ve only had them for a few weeks now, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worn them. With all my necessities checked off, I was on the hunt for a first day of school dress. I turned to Johnathan Michael’s, a local boutique, where I always find the most unique pieces. It’s relieving to know no one will be wearing the same thing as me on the first day. Finding the perfect dress only took a few minutes of browsing. The light paisley pattern drew me in, but the ribbons sold me on it. I felt great wearing it to school, and got so many compliments!

Though school can get stressful, you can do small things that make life a lot easier. Purchasing new clothes before the school year gives you a boost of confidence, and takes the menial decisions out of your morning routine. Be sure you shop smart, and don’t just buy to buy. Look through your closet before you go, and allow yourself one impulse buy. Hopefully, you’ll be so excited with your new clothes that you won’t mind going to school to wear them. Have a great school year!

Stay Classy,


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