Purse Shopping

Purses are the best. Not only do they hoard all of my belongings, but they add the final touch to any outfit. Seeing as I struck gold at Michael Kors a few weeks ago, I figured I share my purse shopping adventure with you.

What was supposed to be a quick stop by Tanger Outlets, turned into “Maya Shopping for a New Wardrobe”, and for that Tyler, my shopping buddy, I’m sorry. Though I hit the usual J.Crew, Polo, and Tommy Hilfiger, I unexpectedly stumbled into Michael Kors, a brand I rarely shop (Coach for Life). I had somewhat been in the market for a new fall-winter purse, seeing as my go-to fall purse was looking a little sad. This in mind, I still wasn’t ready to spend too much on a new one. I walked through the door and heard the words every girl longs to hear, “We’re having a sale today”. My resolve held for about 20 seconds. Who could pass up 60% off? As the title to this blog suggests, clearly not me.

With bargains to be had, I figured I would start shopping. I browsed around until I got to the section with smaller cross body bags. I really love a mid sized bag because it lets me carry just enough of what I need, and nothing that I don’t. Big purses seem to collect garbage, and lead to digging for house keys at inopportune moments (you never have to pee worse than when trying to find your keys). Despite the size, cross body bags usually have a shorter strap so the purse can be carried on your arm as well. I grew accustomed to carrying mine like this in the crowded school hallways because it keeps the bag closer to me so that no one can take anything. Size aside, I was looking for a darker color to last from mid fall to early winter. They had just the purse in the 20% off section, and I couldn’t be happier. While it seemed a little pricey, the discounts made it all worth it. Before buying it, I made a quick trip to Coach to compare my options.

I was surprised to find out Coach was also offering 60% off, so I began to look around. Their store has shifted from women’s, to half women’s and half men’s. The limited stock and color of purses lead me back to Michael Kors. I texted my mom for her opinion, and wound up buying it. Though it was an investment, I’m very glad I did.

The hunt for the perfect purse was unexpected, but made me more confident in my next big purchase. I’ll be sure to know what I want, shop around for the best price, and ALWAYS go to The Outlets when looking for a purse.

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