Staying Preppy for Spirit Week

Before every Homecoming comes a spirit week full of dreadful themes. Unless you’re in Student Council, you likely don’t have a big say in what the days are. This year, my school has ‘Murica Monday, Tie Dye Tuesday, Well Dressed Wednesday, Twin Train Thursday, and School Spirit Friday. Though it seems some of these days are cheesy, it’s possible to stay preppy during your school’s spirit week!

Murica Monday

This day isn’t too difficult to me, because the majority of my wardrobe is navy and white. I love wearing burgundy jeans with a navy and white striped sweater. It ensures my outfit isn’t too over the top, while still being patriotic. It’s best to put pieces together that you’d wear any day, whether that be a romper and a headband or a cute skirt and sweater. Keeping with basics lets the colors speak for themselves, without overwhelming anyone.

Tie Dye Tuesday

I’m sorry, but there’s no good way to wear tie dye. I usually treat my tie dye the way I dress up any t-shirt. With a pair of nice jeans, and some thoughtful folds, your t-shirt can be looking better in no time! Beginning with the sleeves, I like to make small folds so they’re a little bit shorter. This also adds a nice cuff to the sleeve, giving even the oldest of t-shirts a finished look. Next, I work on tucking it in. I don’t like to look like a Soccer Dad, so I try to tuck only the very front of my shirt. This with a nice pair of jeans and boat shoes makes the dreadful tie dye more wearable.

Well Dressed Wednesday

A day dedicated to looking your best couldn’t be too bad! I don’t like to overdo it, considering my day to day outfits are far dressier than that of my classmates, but I still like to doll myself up. I don’t wear skirts too often, so I like to pull them out for this day of spirits week to change things up. There’s really no limit to how you can dress up, as long as you feel comfortable and classy.

Twin Train Thursday 

I’m sure very few of you know what this day is, as it’s new to even my school this year. I’m surprisingly excited for it. Twin Train Thursday is a day to get as many people (train) to wear the same, or similar outfits (twin). Though my friends and I aren’t sure what we’ll wear, I know it’ll be unique! I hope to just have fun with my outfit, trying new things with my friends. It’ll have to be something most people have, like Converse or jeans, but in the end, it’ll be much more exciting knowing my pals!

School Spirit Friday 

The only day out of our Spirit Week that isn’t fun to say will also be the most difficult to dress for. Our colors are blue and gold, which seems to be easy to put together. However, I’m left wondering, how do I incorporate enough gold such that my outfit isn’t completely navy? School colors are always difficult, so I like to swap the harder colors out. Instead of gold, I’ll wear a pair of mustard colored jeans I have. I’ll throw on a navy sweater and some gold jewelry, and bam! I’m the school mascot himself.

Spirit week can wreak havoc on your preppy style, but it doesn’t have to! Don’t succumb to the cheesy days, just stick with the basic colors, or themes, and add your own twist. Even if you’re left with a day you can’t escape, add something to polish off your outfit. Though it can be difficult, Spirit Week will be a fun challenge to your morning routine! Not participating is not an option though. Happy Spirit Week, and the happiest of Homecomings!
Stay Classy,


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