Happy Homecoming!

As it always is, Homecoming was incredibly busy! From the football game on Friday night, to the late hours of the after party, it was a blast. I was involved with nearly every aspect of the weekend because of Student Council, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

On Friday, my school had a two hour early dismissal in honor of Homecoming. As if classes were cut short enough, we had a Pep Assembly to boost spirits. The day was fun, and relaxed, but as 12:15 rolled around, I wasn’t leaving with all the other students. I would be staying to help set up for our carnival! This is offered to include every age group in the festivities. The kids who aren’t yet old enough to go to the dance or football games have some way to fill their time. Set up was quick and easy thanks to our organized officers. Booths with games and prizes were offered for each of the clubs, as well as a dunk tank! The event was a great start to the weekend.

After leaving the carnival set up, I hurried home to cram some homework in before the game. Feeling content with my progress, I got dressed in my red, white, and blue to fit in our “‘Murica” theme. For each of our football games, we have a “Castle Crew” to lead the students in chants and cheers. They also pick a theme for each game to unite the student body. It’s always a wild time in the student section of games. The Castle Crew came prepared with paints and powders to ensure everyone fit the theme! Our efforts were not in vain, as our football team ended the half with a 20-0 lead. Our team ultimately won the game, which was a great kickoff for the rest of the weekend.

After a late night on Friday, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to getting up early on Saturday, but I knew I had to. Student Council seems to plan every aspect of the eventful weekend, including the parade. I signed up to be a Lead Parade Marshal, which put me in charge of organizing the order of a portion of the parade. Let me tell you, playing Tetris with massive trailers near expensive convertibles isn’t fun! Even if it was difficult, I felt such a sense of accomplishment after seeing it done. I was fortunate enough to ride at the tail end of the parade in a Jeep to honor all the Parade Marshals and helpers who made it happen. Leadership roles are sometimes scary, but they’re always worth it when you see a finished product! I’m so thankful for my fellow Lead Parade Marshals, Dan and Chad for making my first experience so memorable and insightful. Even if I was a bit intimidated, they had such great wisdom that made my job a lot easier.

Proceeding the parade, I was to report back to the school to set up for the dance. It’s always held in our gymnasium, with the cafeteria open for snacks and seating. Transforming the school to look presentable was no easy task, but the group efforts made our work go quickly. I was responsible for making center pieces for the tables. They consisted of mason jars with blue and gold ribbon (our school colors) inside them. We blew up balloons to tie on each too. After tables were covered, we could continue with more fun decorating and some practical additions like napkins and spoons for our ice cream bar. Christmas lights and fog machines were added to the gym for a festive touch. The school was hardly recognizable after we were done with it!

The busy morning slowed down as I got ready for the dance. I began my makeup before leaving for my hair appointment at 3:30. I tried a newer salon a little ways from my house, but ended up loving it! Because I wasn’t getting it done in my school district, it was more peaceful and empty inside. Thanks to everyone at Platinum Salon, I loved my hair, and it stayed pristine all night. The appointment wasn’t too long, leaving me enough time to get home and finish my makeup. Luckily, I remembered to bring a button down shirt so I wouldn’t mess up my hair or makeup before getting my dress on. Just as I finished getting ready, my date rang the doorbell. Matt is a good friend from school, and my biggest opponent when it comes to class rank. Luckily, we put our GPAs away for the night to have fun!

He matched my dress perfectly, and his flowers looked wonderful. We took a few pictures together at my house, but had to get to the dance so we weren’t late. My friends and I danced the night away like dorks, which really was the time of our lives. Who cares how you look, so long as you’re having fun! The dance seemed like it was over as quickly as it started, but there was some tearing down to do after (in our dress clothes too!). Once everything was done, I headed over to my friend Lexi’s house for some Super Mario Brother’s and Cards Against Humanity. I know a lot of people prefer some wild parties, but I love a low key night with my friends. We were up late, but we made memories to last a lifetime.

Even though my weekend was insanely busy, I had time to rest on Sunday, and finish homework. I loved every aspect of Homecoming, and urge everyone to get as involved with its planning as you can! It helps you appreciate all the work that goes into planning big events. For all the schools who haven’t had their homecomings yet, best wishes!

Stay Classy,

Maya Patterson

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