A Plentiful October

I know, I know, I’ve been gone forever! The month of October was a total blur. Between my birthday and the musical, I didn’t have a spare second! I really should’ve taken my own advice with time managing, but it’s so hard not to get involved with everything I possibly can. Thinking about how busy my month of October was, I’d like to share all the wonderful experiences I was fortunate enough to have.
The second weekend of October was full of homework and excitement for my birthday. I had a sneaking suspicion that my friends and family were planning a surprise party, and I was right! My mom began by asking me if I wanted to go out to dinner, to either of my favorite restaurants, Cenacolo or Dal Forno, a tough choice. This ensured I was dressed and ready for my big surprise! I threw on a quick, but preppy outfit. Jeans and a sweater are always a perfect combination. As I waited for her, I noticed several of my friends in the driveway. My mom came home, and my suspicions were confirmed. She was throwing me a surprise party! After greeting many friends at the door, I was completely shocked to see my boyfriend home from college just for my special day. We had tons of appetizers, followed by loads of my favorite pastas from Cenacolo. We finished the feast with an Oreo Fudge cake, a Patterson Family birthday tradition. The rest of the night was spent with laughs and seconds. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday, and I have my lovely mom to thank for organizing it.
The days following my birthday were consumed with school work. I don’t recommend scheduling 4 AP and one honors class. Time not spent on school work was devoted to our fall musical, The Addams Family. I was a dancing ancestor, specifically Marilyn Monroe. Our tech week was grueling, spending 12 hours at the school on Saturday and Sunday, then remaining at the school until 9 at night most weekdays. Though it seems intense, it’s so worth it to have a flawless show. I woke up each morning wanting to crawl into sweatpants and throw my hair into a ponytail. Knowing this is completely ok a few times, I couldn’t live in this look for two weeks straight. Leggings and big sweaters became essential! I could easily slide into a giant sweater, I suggest getting Men’s to ensure extra comfort, and throw my hair into a messy bun. This was a great way to hide the fact I hadn’t washed my hair, and capitalize on the “messy-cute” look that is so in. Though the bags under my eyes probably gave it away, my outfit would never tell you I only got five hours of sleep!

As opening night came, I was filled with excitement to show the community what all our effort went toward. We typically wear our show shirts on opening night, but loving fashion, I decided to dress mine up. Over my shirt, I threw on a simple Vineyard Vines flannel to add some color. I wore leggings and my new favorite Sperrys! I completed the look with two French braids, which worked out perfectly because my hair had to be braided for the show. Following my long day at school, I went home for just long enough to eat dinner and go back for my call. Once in the dressing room, I was tasked with putting on a full face of ghost makeup, which is no easy feat. Then, it was show time! The Addams Family became the highest grossing Fall production at the high school! The cast and crew were incredibly proud each time we heard the audience’s laughter. It was worth the hours we spent learning how to get white face paint on our faces evenly, and then somehow out of our hair. The four nights the show went on, were a rollercoaster of emotions. The cast had bonded so much, but had also run the show so many times, we were ready for it to be over. I know I’ll miss my Addams Family, but I am excited to be celebrating 25 Years of the Norwin Theatre Company with the show Thoroughly Modern Millie this spring! With every ending comes a new beginning
The final week of October was again dedicated to school work, as the term end was quickly approaching. Projects, tests, and essays began to pile up. On top of all of that, I wanted to enter the Voice of Democracy contest. My love of America, and thankfulness for Veterans deserved my time. I wrote a brief essay about where I hoped our great country to be headed in the coming years, and submitted it for judging. I’m anxiously waiting a response! Whether I win or not, I’m thankful to get to share my opinions and time discussing a matter so close to my heart.

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, I can’t wait to reflect on more that I am grateful for all I am allowed to participate in. From a quality education, to the chance to put on a musical, my life is full of opportunities. I hope you all had a wonderful October full of new experiences and growth! Take some time to reflect upon your month. Think about what you’re thankful for, and let me know in the comments.
Stay Classy,

Maya Patterson

Shhhh! Don’t tell them I posted this! We had tons of fun being dorks at my surprise party.

Up close and personal with Marilyn Monroe!

One thought on “A Plentiful October

  1. Busy girl. Just have to say Addams Family was fabulous. You could tell you all were well prepared. I think your appreciation of Veterans is honorable. Good luck in all you do with school. You work so hard and make it seem effortless. Relax some and enjoy the upcoming g holidays. Stop over for Xmas cookies💕🎃🌲


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