Black Friday Festivities

For many, Black Friday is a huge affair. Hours of planning and preparation go in. However, I tend to prefer sitting back and watching everyone go crazy about very minimal sales. I enjoy my Thanksgiving with my family, then let my turkey coma take over!

Waking up early on Black Friday, I find, is a lot easier than staying up all night. Most stores I like tend to open at 6 am rather than late at night so getting up around 5 makes a lot more sense. Besides, who can fight the urge to crawl up in a ball with a full stomach after you’ve eaten? I snuggle up, the drawstring on my pajama pants fully extended, and sleep for awhile. When my alarm buzzes, and I can’t find any good reason to get up at this ungodly hour, I think about all the memories I’ll be making . . . if I can keep my eyes open!

After finding the strength to get out of bed, it’s always best to dress cozy and warm. Leggings are a great base that can be worn with nearly anything! My go-to outfit is typically leggings, boots, and a flannel with a sweater overtop. This way if I see anyone I know, my cute outfit will distract them from my under-eye bags! It’s essential to dress in warm layers because it’s more difficult to stay warm when you’re tired. If you get hot from shopping up a storm, you can always take the sweater off. Choosing an outfit for Black Friday shopping is a lot more important than many think. Not only will it dictate how much fun you have shopping, but also how easily it is to crawl back into bed once you get home. Leggings and a sweater are basically pajamas in my world!

When I’m finally dressed, I begin my plan of attack. Coffee is typically my first stop. Though I’m not a huge fan, lattes are perfect for keeping me both warm and awake. Once I’m caffeinated, I like to decide what stores I’ll be heading to. Walmart is a great place to people watch, but I don’t always find things I like. Malls near me typically have limited hours, but I could travel a little further for an even better option: Ross Park Mall. For two years now, my family has made the hour and a half journey there for Black Friday. It’s a massive mall with everything from Vineyard Vines to Apple and perfect hours. People are everywhere, fighting over stuffed animals and cutting in front of one another in line. I suggest hiding in a display to watch moms battle it out over the latest, but overpriced craze. My mom and I have been known to do that! Black Friday really brings out the worst in people, but I’m just there to watch it all. Choose your store wisely and based upon what you’re looking for. Do want a wide variety of things? Head to Walmart. Shopping for clothes? Find a close mall.

Black Friday can be a fun time, but don’t forget all you celebrated being thankful for. Dress warmly, shop wisely, and don’t forget to stop at Starbucks for a latte. Be safe out there this Black Friday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Stay Classy,


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