Gobbled ‘til I Wobbled

Thanksgiving was a much needed break! As the title suggests, I gobbled until I wobbled, then shopped until I dropped. I’m incredibly fortunate to have such wonderful family and friends to spend my break with, so I’d love to share a little more about them.

After an early dismissal from school on Wednesday, my friends and I all went out to lunch. Now most of you expect me to be at a cute little cafe with my darling girlfriends, but it wound up being just me and the dudes at Buffalo Wild Wings. I couldn’t be more appreciative to have such funny, weird, chivalrous guys around. They’re all both hilarious and respectful. From their weird quarks, like Matt’s love for Mountain Dew and chicken “tendies”, to Nick’s incessant arguments, they’re the kind of pals I hope will stick around. It’s great to find yourself some quality friends of the opposite gender to give you different perspectives on life. Not only do they keep me sane, but they’re great for a laugh and change of pace.

Following lunch I spent some quality time with my best boy friend of all, who also happens to be my boyfriend. Tyler is great for relaxing with some Ben and Jerry’s or jamming in the car. His sense of humor is bad enough to still make me laugh, and his taste in girlfriends is impeccable. I’m very thankful for a confidant and friend who cares about me deeply, and I’m thankful I can be the same for him. It’s also helpful that he’s pretty cute. In relationships, I think it’s so important to respect one another, and that is something I believe Tyler and I do very well. Although we disagree on frozen yogurt versus regular ice cream, we manage to make it all work out in the end. He’s a wonderful calmness to my hectic life, and still manages to make sure our time together is always exciting. I couldn’t be more thankful for the many months of friendship, dependence, and a wonderful boy!

Turkey Day has been molded into a routine at the Patterson Household. We roll out of bed to watch the parade while my darling mom makes us breakfast. After the parade, my mom, brother, and I all sit down to a relaxing Thanksgiving breakfast of an egg bake or French toast. This year, we mixed things up with some pancakes! Following breakfast, we prepare for the big feast!

My mom and I spent hours prepping the turkey, mashed potatoes, and every other side dish imaginable. We sat down at a beautifully set table with my brother and his girlfriend. Despite being a little quiet this year, both the conversation and the food flowed wonderfully! I cannot express how thankful I am for my mother and all she does. From slaving over the food all day, to her usual packing lunches and cleaning, her job frequently goes unnoticed and undervalued. Our relationship is like that of sisters. We do everything together, and share clothes too! She’s a beautiful, caring soul. I can only hope to become half the woman she has become, in strength, grace, and love. I am beyond grateful for everything she does in order to make sure my brother and I are happy and well guided.

Thanksgiving and the days leading up to it showed me how appreciative I am for such wonderful people in my life. So many more people have given me reasons to be thankful, and I will, without a doubt, be mentioning them very soon. It’s incredible the ways in which people positively impact my life. Has any one done the same for you? Be sure to share below!

Stay Classy,


The gangs all here!

2 thoughts on “Gobbled ‘til I Wobbled

  1. What an honor it is to be your mom and have you consider me your sister. I love that you hope to be half the woman that I’ve become, but at your young age, you’ve far surpassed me. I’m so very proud of who you are, intelligent, witty, kind, strong, resilient, yet with such grace and softness of heart. You are unlike anyone else and your greatness has very little to do with me. You’ve been determined to be the greatest you since the day you were born and you’re my inspiration to be the greatest me. I should be your mentor, but instead, you are mine and everything I had ever hoped to be. I’ll always be your mom and you’ll always be my daughter and my very best friend. I love you my Princess ❤️.


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