Christmas Decorating

It’s that time of year again! You pull out all your decorations to realize you don’t like any of them anymore. You can’t trash all of them and start over, as badly as you may want to, so I suggest a few things for spicing up your dated decor.

Pick a Theme

Deciding upon a specific theme is incredibly important for maintaining a cohesive look. Being Classy Girl in a Whirl, it’s only logical that my family decided to go with a classy look! To us, this means traditional, not dated, decorations, and thoughtful placement. We wanted to make sure our house looked put together and festive, without being tacky or over the top. Maybe you’re over the “classy” look! There’s no shortage of new ideas, from country to old fashioned. Make sure what you decide is broad enough to fit all your rooms. For instance, old fashioned can spread from big bulbs on the Christmas tree to your moms old window clings in the kitchen. Maintaining a single look throughout your house is essential to celebrating Christmas in style.


I love driving around to look at Christmas lights, but I can’t help but making judgements. People, please pick a single style of light and stick to it! No matter what kind you choose, it’ll look great so long as you stick to it. LEDs or big bulbs, multicolored or white, make sure you jazz up the outside of your house as well. Sticking with our theme of “A Classy Christmas” (like the Christmas episode of The Office), my family opted for wreaths on each of our windows, spot lights, and white lights around the landscaping we have around the door. Though it seems like a bit much, we ensure our theme was cohesive with the same color ribbon, garland, and lights everywhere. The lights shining on our house, as well as those on our landscaping where warm white lights to give our house an inviting feel. The wreaths are perfect for maintaining a festive feel throughout the day too! All in all, the outside of your house should be just as festive as the inside, but please, for my sake, make sure you maintain a single look through the use of the same lighting on all of your landscaping.

P.S. That was for you, my neighbors who think it’s ok to mix two different kinds of multicolored lights in addition to solid colors. . .its not ok.


After totally redecorating it, I decided this Christmas I would add some cheer to my room. It’s as simple as swapping out your throw pillows and adding a nice wintry throw. I chose some Ralph Lauren plaid pillows to compliment my solid bedspread. I paired these with a red, knitted throw blanket to add color. Not only do these make my bed all the more comfortable, they get me excited for the upcoming season! I tend to go easy on extra decorations because my room gets cluttered fairly easily. A few snowmen and candles will maintain the cozy, minimalistic theme. Don’t miss out on adding decorations to your room this holiday season. It makes you feel all the more merrier.

Christmas decorating doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Maintaining a theme for your house, as well as choosing what you’ll include thoughtfully can ease the process. Not all your decorations have to go up each year, so pick only your favorites for a flawless, finished look. More people will see the outside of your house than anything else, so spend some time deciding what look you’d like to convey. In all of this, you can’t forget to add some personal touches to your room. It’ll keep you feeling festive even when the weight of online shopping is on your shoulders. Happy decorating!

Stay Classy,


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