Cold Weather Preppin’

Extremely cold weather, like the East Coast has experienced in the past several weeks, calls for either layering up, or staying inside in pajamas. While I’m fond of the latter, it’s possible to remain preppy and warm throughout the cold season. Whether you were hit with the Bomb Cyclone or not, learning to stay warm doesn’t mean sacrificing style.


I have to hand it to moms. They were forcing kids to layer before it was in style. However, layering doesn’t have to just be for function; it adds to outfits. Throw on a thick flannel and cozy yourself into an oversized sweater. By exposing the collar and cuffs of the flannel, you spice up your sweater with a new pattern. Want to feel a little dressier? Swap out the sweater for a nice boat neck blouse. Add some sparkle with a statement necklace, and finish the look with a blazer. These layers are sure to keep the cold out!

Love that new vest, but know your arms will be freezing? Add a warm jacket below it. Personally, I love wearing my black North Face Jacket beneath vests. By layering, I can wear my favorite vests well into the winter months. Not only am I styling, but I’m comfortable! In wearing a vest with another jacket, I am able to forgo fighting with my sleeves to ensure they didn’t get bunched up.


I have to admit, I’m slightly shoe obsessed. My closet is filled with boat shoes, booties, and Uggs. However, one of my favorite pairs of shoes, has to be Bean boots. I wear them throughout the fall and winter. Not only are they warm, but they’re perfect for staying dry in the snow. Any New Englander will agree, Bean boots are an essential. They keep your toes toasty and dry, while looking adorable. Because they come up to my mid calf, I like wearing taller socks so they peep out above the boot. Warm socks just add to the look of the boots. Whether you call them Duck boots or Bean boots, they’re greater for cold weather fashionistas.


If you’re like me, you’re lucky if you grab gloves before heading out, let alone matching ones. But as the weather dipped below zero, I made sure I left the house with gloves, a scarf, and a hat. Spending a little money on these cold weather accessories is important to ensure you wear them because if they’re cute, you won’t leave the house without them. Bonus points if you don’t buy them in a set, but mix and match. A few years ago, I was given an olive green pea coat. I was excited to pull it out this year, but wasn’t sure what else I’d wear with it. After digging through baskets and bins, I came across a Burberry scarf. After more digging, I found an old red beanie. Gloves seemed to appear out of nowhere. I bundled myself up, and felt adorable! Because I spent some time looking, I was able to assemble some preppy outerwear. I ended up loving it so much, I just left the scarf wrapped around the jacket. Who needs more options once you’ve found an ensemble you love? Not me!

As much as I hope the Polar Vortex and Nor’easter Weather is over, I know it’s not. February will be bitter, but you don’t have to be! It’s easy to dress both preppy and warm with a few purchases, or digging through old stuff. Put some time into your ideal cold weather outfit, and wear it all season long!

Stay Classy (and warm),


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