5 Things to do from Your Bed on a Snowy Day

Lately the weather has been frigid. While I love watching the snowfall, it’s even better when I get to stay in bed. Knowing I don’t have to brave the cold makes cuddling up under the warm covers all the better. If you’re as fortunate as I, here are 5 fun things to keep you busy on your snow day!

1. Netflix: You had to see this one coming. Netflix is the ultimate escape. My favorites have always been The Office, Parks and Rec, as well as Bob’s Burgers. They’re lighthearted and humorous, but don’t require my full attention. My hectic schedule means watching series is next to impossible (I’m sorry Game of Thrones fans, I just don’t have that kind of time). Cozying up with a show makes for a perfectly mindless day, and you deserve it.

2. Online Shop: Lately, I can’t help but notice how many sales are going around. J. Crew Factory and J. Crew have been tossing them around for awhile now! Take advantage of these, even if you don’t actually buy anything. It’s fun to dream up outfits! I’ve also been a huge fan of Coach Factory for my purses and wallets. Their online store is somewhat confusing and exclusive, but if you create an account you’ll be given shopping rights. Peruse the internet for new outfits and ideas from the comfort of your bed, and in a few days when you’re finally ready to leave those toasty sheets, your package will have arrived!

3. Write: No matter where you do it, or what it’s about, writing is relaxing. It’s a way to get all those thoughts that have been bouncing around into a single place. I love writing my weekly blog posts (although it seems I never have time) because they permit me to express my sense of style and opinions. I’ve established a clear, and humorous voice in my blog writing, which has taught me a great deal about argumentative or academic writing. It has become almost therapeutic to me, so what better way to spend your relaxing day?

4. Plan your Wardrobe: Who says you can’t be productive from your bed? Think about the week before you, including all the activities you have as well as the weather. You can mentally plan outfits for each day so those extra five minutes you would typically spend stressing can be devoted to sleep! Not only does this save you time, but it reduces stress.

5. Spa Day: The ultimate “Treat yo’ self”. Face masks are perfect for feeling pampered and relaxed, while also helping your skin out. I’ve fallen head over heels for the new Burt’s Bees sheet mask (then again I love everything Burt’s Bees). Don’t just stop at your face though! While your lounging, put on hand or feet masks. With all the cold, dry air, some moisturizing goes a long way. Your newly softened cuticles would also love a manicure, so why not sit up for awhile and paint away. Be careful not to smudge, I speak from experience.

Enjoy your time lounging in bed on a snowy day. Call off work or revel in the school cancellation, whatever it takes to get some rest and relaxation! It’s important to take care of yourself in the hectic, winter months, so find some me time. Watch the snow fall for a little bit, then head to bed. You’ll need your beauty rest to brave the cold tomorrow. Let me know what you like to do on snow days in the comments!

Stay Classy,


Even Cocoa enjoys some R&R

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