Spring in my Backyard

It seems that spring has truly sprung here in Western Pennsylvania! After weeks of depressing skies and frigid weather, we finally redecorated the patio. It was wonderful to spend time outside in the sunshine!

We ordered new patio furniture a few weeks ago to spice up our back porch. It was looking pretty empty with just a grill and bench. Hoping to maximize the space, we settle upon a love seat and two chairs. The set also came with two ottomans that can be pushed together to make a coffee table. The functionality and neutral colors of the set make it perfect for our family. The cushions are a nice nude, but without some throw pillows it would’ve looked so drab. Off to Target we went!

My mom and I began by finding an outdoor area rug. If you couldn’t tell, our whole family is impartial to blues and browns, so blue was an obvious choice. We toyed with various prints and patterns before deciding upon a blue woven rug. It’s horizontal stripes would make the porch seem more spacious than it really is. Pillows became a challenge. None of the outdoor pillows had similar colors in them, and the patterns clashed. Feeling rebellious, we ventured into the indoor decor section. Immediately, my mom fell in love with two navy pillows with palm leaves. Sadly, we couldn’t find others that matched. Back to the outdoor section we went. I happened upon a single solid green and a cute printed one. My mom was hesitant at first, but after seeing the colors together, she was sold! Keep scrolling to see some pictures of our adventure.

Our furniture arrived disassembled with very minimal directions. My poor mom struggled all afternoon to put it together, but finally she unveiled our beautiful new back porch! We were too excited, and had our first cookout back there last night. There’s something about a beautiful patio that made our burgers taste amazing! All the colors matched perfectly, complimenting one another. I can’t wait to spend my summer on my new back porch!

Stay Classy,


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