Dressing for Adventure

I know, I know, it’s been too long! The school year was incredibly hectic, but now it’s summer. It’s a time to relax and unwind from the stress and constant motion of life. However, relaxation doesn’t mean laying around all day. I like to relax by spending time outside, straightening up, and going on adventures with friends! Though, these adventures always pose a challenge. I want to take tons of cute pictures, but I also need to be able to hike, reel in a line, and dance to my favorite songs. Working from head to toe, I hope that my many adventure outfits can inspire you to spend some time getting active and enjoying nature, looking as cute as ever.

Hats are my favorite. Did I wash my hair? Am I sweating? Did I pluck my eyebrows? You’d never know because my hat’s covering it! Not only do they provide protection from the sun, but they add a touch of tomboy and a sense of adventure to each outfit. Forget about doing your hair, just throw it into a ponytail, grab a baseball cap, and run out the door. Unlike sunglasses, they’re a bit more durable. Even if they get dirty or sweaty, they’re both cheaper and washable. I’ve been addicted to “Love Your Melon” hats. My beautiful friends at Johnathon Michael’s gave me my very first LYM hat in a distressed navy. It goes with absolutely everything, and each hat gives back to children with cancer. Find your favorite cap and plan an adventure!

Take a look at the weather and where you’re planning to adventure before picking out what shirt and pants you’ll wear. I typically like to grab a plain, moveable t-shirt for warmer days. Although, I never know where my journey will take me, so layers are always a great idea. For instance, the day my friends and I ventured to Niagara Falls, it was probably in the mid 50s, but under the falls it was snowing! I’m so glad I wore my layers. If I know that I’ll be hiking through a more wooded area, I usually like to wear long pants. I have a comfortable pair of distressed jeans from Hollister. Not only are they movable, but super cute! When I’m not hiking, I gravitate toward looser shorts. They keep me cool and allow enough room for me to rock climb or reel in a fish! My fabric shorts tend to come from places like Charlotte Russe or H&M so I don’t spend too much money. The clothes I adventure in get dirty or ripped easily, so I like to save money. No shame in shopping at Walmart or Target for some basics!

Adventure shoes are a staple in my closet. Rather than investing in a new pair of Nikes, I like to reuse my old gym shoes. They’re going to get dirty and worn out anyway, why go through the heartbreak of ruining new shoes? I almost always wear tennis shoes when I go exploring in the summer. They keep my feet safe and help my grip while rock climbing, and the support and tread are great for all terrain. My shoes are used exclusively for adventures. I’ve accepted they’re always going to be dirty and worn down, so I don’t mind jumping in that puddle or hiking through mud.

I hope your adventures are safe and stylish! If you’re in Western Pennsylvania and need some places to adventure, leave a comment below. I’ll be sure to give you some of my favorite spots.

Stay Classy,


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