Lash Boost

I’d like to share with you my eye lash transformation, using Lash Boost, a product by Rodan and Fields. Let me start out by telling you, I too was skeptical of this magic product that promised longer, fuller lashes. With a $165 price tag, this stuff isn’t cheap! Before purchasing the Lash Boost, I was sure to read a few blog posts. Unfortunately, the only ones I could find were paid partnerships or ads, meaning the writer’s true opinions may not shine through. Luckily for you, this is not an ad or sponsorship. All of what you read are my opinions!

My mom and I heard of this product at a makeup party. The seller had long, flowing lashes, chalking them up to this magic product. Lash Boost promises longer lashes in eight weeks, with nightly application. We thought we might as well give it a shot, as there’s a money back guarantee. I was pretty skeptical, promising myself if I didn’t see my lashes flowing in the wind within a week, we’d return it.

It came in the mail pretty quickly with some unique packaging. As soon as we ripped the tube open my mom and I slathered it across our lash lines. It’s pretty similar to eyeliner in application, just a thin swipe across your lash line nightly and you’re done! Taking off mascara night after night tends to be a drag, but other than that it’s an easy application process. Using a mirror gets old, so I’ll admit I’ve laid in bed at night trying to put it on my lashes as I fell asleep.

My number one complaint about this product is my eyes when I woke up. They would always be a bit itchy at the corners and have some dried residue. I learned that this was a result of me putting too much on (I was trying to speed up the results, ok?!), and quickly went away. However, the results were pretty slow. I was discouraged after seeing no change over a two week period. Some other drawbacks are the need for continued use. After your lashes fall out, you need to continue purchasing Lash Boost to keep them long. I’d also argue that the results aren’t as drastic with age. My moms lashes were a bit longer and fuller, however it wasn’t as noticeable.

No, I can’t braid my lashes now. No, they don’t flow in the wind. But, they’re so much longer than they used to be! The results are crazy, especially with mascara. I’m glad that we decided to try this product. As a blonde who rarely wears makeup, it’s nice to have noticeable eyelashes. I’ll probably continue to use Lash Boost, so long as I’m seeing results. All in all, I can tell you that this product does what it claims to. Is it worth $165? That’s up to you to decide! Below is a little lash transformation without mascara!

Stay Classy,


Week One
After, with mascara

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