Closet Clean Out

The time is 11 pm, and somehow, I found all the motivation in the world to clean out my drawers and closet! Piles of clothes line my floor for Goodwill and thrift shops. If only I could have this great of an attitude toward organization during the day. Upset at my lack of progress, I head to bed, hoping I’ll make more progress tomorrow.

I usually like to go through all my clothes before going back to school shopping, so I really get a feel for what I need. It’s so nice to have neatly folded drawers, full of clothes you like to begin the year. Hopefully this post inspires and teaches you to get rid of some things before stocking up again!

Parting is such SWEET sorrow:

Before getting rid of anything, I always ask myself: when was the last time I wore this? That’s a great start, but that’s not the end of it. Sure, if you haven’t worn it in over a year, pitch it! There’s so much more to deciding what to keep. Maybe I wore that pair of leggings two months ago or maybe it was two years ago. Regardless, how do I feel when I wear it? So often, I’ll throw on a crew neck sweat shirt (complete with a stain or two) and head out the door. It’s quick and easy, but I feel like a mess. Clothes should always make you feel good, so get rid of anything that doesn’t. This includes things that no longer fit, or make you feel bad about your size or shape. That being said, you should be sure to try stuff on while deciding. Why keep it if it doesn’t look good on you? All in all, clothes should make you feel and look good. You may have spent some serious $$ on it at one point, but keeping it is just a sad reminder of wasted money. Try taking your gently used things to a thrift shop if you want some of your money back. You’ll feel so much better and free up some prime closet real estate!

A Neat Suite

The layout of your closet determines how you can organize it. For me, I have a long, but narrow set of shelves in the middle, and hanging space on either side. On the shelves, my jeans are folded at eye level, just below that are my favorite sweaters, and below that are my heavy winter sweaters. I try to put things I wear most often in the most accessible place. To the right of my shelves, which is more visible, I hang the oxfords I wear more frequently. Below that, are pants. My only piece of advice on where to put things, is keeping like with like. My oxfords are all together, my flannels are all together, etc. This means when I have a general idea of a sweater with an Oxford underneath, I know exactly where to look, and have fun mixing and matching.

Further, NICE, MATCHING HANGERS ARE THE KEY! Purchasing high quality hangers that match may be an investment, but your clothes and your eyes will thank you later. Your closet looks so much more organized when everything is hung with the same hanger, rather than a vast array of plastic, felt, and wooden hangers. This also means everything hangs at the same height (it’s so aesthetically pleasing). Durable, but pretty hangers mean you’ll want to keep your clothes hung up and your closet neat. The style I use also has matching pant hangers that keep my pants wrinkle free.

If you have time while changing out your hangers, try to iron everything before putting it away. This means you’ll never be dissuaded from a cute outfit simply because it needs ironed. The five minutes you spend now will pay off greatly later. In addition, to making your mornings easier, ironing garments before hanging them makes your closet look even better.

Now that your closet is looking great, I hope you’ll keep it organized. Always try to put away clean laundry, as soon as it’s folded. I’m very guilty of having three laundry baskets full of clean, folded clothes sitting in my room. When they’re in the basket, I resort to the shorts I wore yesterday, rather than picking something new. I hope I’ve helped you and your closet as you prepare for the school year. New clothes feel so much more at home in a beautiful looking closet, so get cleaning!

Stay Classy,


Piles of my mid 2000s maxi skirts! I’m glad they’re gone!
Cocoa is slumped from all our hard work!

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