Senior Year is Here!

I may be a week late for the start of my classes, however today marks the start of the school year for most districts and colleges! While I’m sad to see summer end, I love fall and winter. I have an exciting few months ahead of me as I apply to colleges and begin my internship.

This year, my schedule is very different from years past. Through a lot of meetings and hair pulling, my school has allowed me to get out around 11:30, and then beginning in October, I’ll work three days a week at an engineering firm. Two days a week I’ll be taking a class at Pitt at Greensburg. I’m sure it’ll be stressful, but this means all the more venues I can plan outfits for. The back to school season is stressful (especially for all you seniors), but fashion is a wonderful escape. If you’re like me and you haven’t really done all your back to school shopping yet, I hope I can help.

I always like to clean out my drawers and closet before I go for some heavy duty shopping. If you haven’t read it already, check out my Closet Clean Out post! A blank slate let’s you decide what you truly need. Notice your pant hangers are empty? Head to J. Crew or even Target for some fun jeans and dress pants. If you feel like you have all the basics (jeans, dress pants, oxfords, sweaters, Sperry’s, and t shirts) school shopping should be about finding unique pieces; stuff you won’t wear everyday, but can’t leave the store without. I love shopping at boutiques for these fun finds!

You’ve heard me mention it a ton, but I love Johnathan Michael’s Boutique in North Huntingdon. My mom and I have been shopping there for years, even following them when they moved locations. The store is darling and the ladies are so kind! They love helping me put together outfits and accessorizing, without ever pressuring me to buy. I found two cute jumpers to spice up my wardrobe. (Side note: JUMPERS ARE SO COMFORTABLE AND EASY IN THE MORNING). I’m so glad we stopped by for me to snag these finds! Fear not all you Classy Girls who don’t live close by, you can shop their website here!

A newer store just popped up in downtown Irwin, but has been an online favorite of mine for quite some time! The Wight Elephant is a storefront and online clothing boutique helping to save the elephants with their accessories. Not only are their clothes darling, but the decor is so feminine! Even the changing rooms are cute and cohesive. I always find quirky and fashionable clothing, whether they’re preppy or not. Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to buy (I have to save for college after all), but the owner is such a sweetheart and helps me make the tough calls. The dress I wore on the first day of school was from there; I could rest assured knowing no one would be wearing the same thing. The Wight Elephant started online, so be sure to shop all of their clothes right here.

Both boutiques are adorable and make me feel better by supporting local businesses and shopping small. It’s evident they care about their customers and love to have fun with fashion. Be sure to check out their websites and give them some of your business (but how could you not after looking at their merchandise?). Enjoy your first day of school!

Stay Classy,


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