Apple Picking

Fall is FINALLY here! Don’t you dare tell me we still have a few weeks, or remind me it’ll be in the 80s again later this week because I’ve decided it’s fall and that’s that. The weather has been a crisp 50 with a torrential down pour here in Western Pa, so much so that school was cancelled, as was my college class. Today, I finally broke out the Bean boots to commemorate this glorious weather. However, this past weekend I got to enjoy the start of fall with some apple picking.

On Saturday, I took my second round of ACTs, quite the blast let me tell you. I was totally drained, but Tyler and I decided to venture out to Simmons Farm. It’s a darling working farm with apple picking, flower cutting, and my favorite: a petting zoo! The weather was a bit rough, raining on and off, so we didn’t get to do everything we would’ve liked. For $8 we could pick half a peck of Gala apples. Off to the field we went!

It was awfully muddy from the rain, so I was sure to wear some old tennis shoes. We explored the orchard and picked tons of apples. Poor Tyler had to climb trees just to reach apples I thought looked perfect! Having filled our bags, and almost crashed a wedding, we headed back to the general store. It started raining as soon as we got back to the store, so we didn’t have time for any flower cutting or hanging out with goats. Regardless, we had a blast!

I’m so thankful I got to enjoy a fun fall activity with Tyler before he heads back to school. Although my apple picking outfit didn’t show it, I can’t wait for Bean boots, flannels, and KJP sweatshirts. Hopefully next time I head out to enjoy all the season has to offer, I can sip a Pumpkin Spice Latte and snuggle into a cozy sweater! What are your favorite fall activities? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay Classy,


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