Senior Homecoming

Homecoming was such a blur! Spirit week flew by in a flash of Hawaiian shirts and leis. Our theme was “Aloha Hoco”, and our school went all out. The football game was a bit disappointing, but I’m glad I went. The weather and our loss was no match to the school spirit the Castle Crew incited. Several of my friends were members of the Homecoming Court, so I stayed until half time to see who would be crowned.

I had every intention of stopping by the parade on Saturday morning, but I couldn’t get myself to wake up in time. In previous years, I’ve been a head parade marshal, commandeering the line up by myself. But this year, free of student council obligations, was so relaxing! I slept in late and browsed for cars until it was time to get ready. Pictures were at 5:30, so I started getting ready around 3:30. I always like to allow for more than enough time just in case anything goes wrong! I did my own hair, nails, and make up this year because senior year expenses rack up quickly just when you should be saving for college. I curled my hair, did some basic makeup, and off I was to pictures.

My friends and I all planned to go with one another, so pictures were effortless and goofy. I went with my good friend, Andrew, who matched my dress perfectly. We headed to the school and danced the night away! My friends and I really love to boogie and act like fools, so dancing was probably one of my favorite parts of the night. After tearing down (yes, in our expensive dresses and shirts and ties), we headed to my friend Charlie’s house. He lives right up the street, so throwing on sweat pants was quick and easy. We mostly sat around and decompressed at his house, but there was plenty of food and joking around to keep us awake. I headed home around 2 am since I had to work on Sunday morning, but I had a blast.

This was probably one of the most fun Homecoming dances for me! Going with friends took away a lot of the drama and stress. Although I’m sad it’s over, I’m glad to have gone out with a bang! It’s a memory I’ll keep tucked away for years to come.

Stay Classy,


My date, Andrew!

My Gal Lexi!

Channeling our inner AP Bio with the Carboxyl Group!
The Gangs all here…and acting like weirdos
Just us Gorls being Gorls

My Beautiful Mama

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