Get Motivated

School is becoming a drag, your room is a mess, and you dread going to work. I’ll be honest, I have no motivation to write this blog post, but my feelings right now mean very little to me in comparison to my excitement over a growing blog. I will my sleepy eyes open long enough to finish studying for AP Bio. Without tooting my own horn, I’ve always noticed I’m so much more driven than my peers. This has its consequences, but it’s what I love best about myself.

Get Thinking

I know, homework is boring and dumb. However, it is so necessary to your success. Regardless of it being graded, homework teaches you about the content and discipline. Rather than looking at it as something that stands between you and sleep, you have to see the benefit of getting it done. Your grades will boost, your teacher will like you more, and you’ll grasp the content better. Accomplishing homework is a little victory that encourages your hard work later. Small decisions now have massive implications on your future. For example, I decided I’d take the ACT’s again to boost my score. Little did I know it would bring me up into my reach college’s score range. This small decision to put in some work each night and take the test again was SO worth it. I have so much more confidence in my application now. Understand the long term implications of the seemingly minuscule choices you make now!

Get Excited

No, I’m not some sort of robot that doesn’t get nervous for tests. I panic and forget information just like everyone else. But, lately I’ve been exercising a strategy my friend Matt taught me. Rather than funneling my energy into stress and anxiety, I use it to get excited. As dumb as it sounds, I remind myself how excited I am to show my teacher how much I’ve learned on this test! I’m excited to learn more! I’m just excited for life! Putting my worries to good use has exponentially benefitted my performance on tests, so I recommend you try the same thing. Heading into a test, get excited about how well you know the material. Remind yourself that you are successful, powerful, beautiful, and happy.

Get the Tunes

Music is such a great motivator. It makes me want to dance and smile and sing! Because it puts me in such a good mood, I no longer dread the task ahead. For the past couple of months, Cecelia and the Satellite Radio has been my go to on Pandora. I can always count on some upbeat, yet different tunes to keep me going. It’s always positive music with a good message.

Now get out there and finish your to-do list!

Stay Classy,


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