18 things I learned in 18 Years

I became a real life adult last week, so I figured I would share with you some things I’ve learned in my brief time on this earth. My life has been so blessed, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been without hardship. Hopefully, you’ll learn something from what little my 18 years have taught me.

1. Smile, life isn’t all that serious!

2. Confidence is key.

3. Food is amazing, just eat what makes you happy.

4. Take school seriously, but find a balance between it and real life.

5. There is so much more to life than high school sooo remember . . .

6. The things you do now will direct your future.

7. This too shall pass. (this drama, this stress, this anxiety, etc).

8. Don’t be in a hurry to grow up. It brings responsibilities that get expensive pretty quickly (ex. Driving).

9. Vertical stripes, plaid, and polka dots are the only prints you need in life.

10. Be friends with everyone. Cliques and groups only exclude.

11. Your mama is a built in best friend. Treasure her!

12. Love your life. If you don’t, change something so you can.

13. Be best friends with adults. They know so much more than you, and they can be super fun.

14. Go out on a limb to make plans. People will seldom say no, and then you’ll have a new pal.

15. Support small (or large) businesses that have a mission you align with.

16. Navy is the best color in the world.

17. Work a part time job! It adds to your life in so many ways.

18. Take the high road, and never stoop. When you are the bigger person, the hate people spew will be laughable to those who know you best.

Have questions or more for me to learn? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

Stay Classy,


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