Dress to Impress

Senior year means countless interviews and even more shadowing opportunities. Because of my internship, I have to dress for the office several days a week. Building my professional wardrobe has been no easy task. As a teen I always struggled to balance looking my age and looking appropriate for work. I don’t want to look like I’m playing dress up, but I can’t show too much skin. Dressing professionally has been a battle, but I think I’m winning! Hopefully, I can help you to balance dressing your age with looking great.


Something I never really thought of was how clothes fit. I’d shimmy myself into a pencil skirt and cozy into a giant sweater with little regard. The skirt was far too tight and the sweater was much too large, but I was comfortable and I thought I looked great! Perhaps this is great for a night out with friends, but I could never wear this into the workplace. The fit of clothes is so important to look put together and classy. Skirts and pants should never be too tight in any part of your body. Little skin above the knee should be shown. The same goes for tops. Limit the amount of cleavage and skin showing to ensure you look professional. Don’t hesitate to get something altered if it doesn’t feel just right. It’s an investment, but you’re so worth it! All in all, it is the fit of your clothing that dictates the entire outfit. If everything is appropriately tailored, you’ll look put together and professional.


I love picking classical styles and giving them a fun twist. J. Crew’s Winnie pants are probably one of my favorites. They fit perfectly, a bit skinnier than the average dress pant, and are timeless! While they’re an investment, you won’t regret it. Looking for cheaper dress pants? Check out Target! They have some great affordable options. Beyond the classic dress pant, I like to mix in a few pairs of chinos and khakis. This really depends on the dress code of your office, as mine is a bit more lenient and casual. I pair my pants with a sweater or Oxford. If it’s chilly, I layer up with a shep shirt. Flats and minimal jewelry complete the look.

Patterns and Prints

So far, I’ve described to you the premise of every businesswoman’s outfit. I, however, am only 18. I don’t want to look like an old lady in drab shades of gray. I love making my outfits look youthful with a pop of color or a fun print. Florals or gingham are perfect for adding a feminine touch while also showing that I’m still young. I own several pairs of printed dress pants, and they’re so worth it. J.Crew Factory has some affordable, yet fun options to choose from. Just make sure your patterns aren’t too loud! With classic styles and an appropriate fit, spicing up my look with prints adds some fun and life to the most bleak days behind a desk.

Rather than wearing a sad pant suit, I like to purchase clothes that fit well and cater to my youth. So often, I see teenage girls in short dresses or tight fitting skirts attempting to pass in the workplace. Unfortunately, many times they’re simply dressed formally, not professionally. By opting for some well fitting and modest garments in more eccentric prints, you can dress your age in an office appropriate setting!

One thought on “Dress to Impress

  1. Very nice. I find most businesses today to have casual dress codes. I do believe how you dress does effect your work ethic. You are on target. Good for you. Also excited about your interview for school. If you need a friend to support your choice I would be glad to give you a personal reference.


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