My First Job

Chef and Adam, if you’re reading this, welcome to my blog! I’m glad you finally found it. This post was inspired by Chef Josh and Adam at Cenacolo. They recently learned about my blog, but I refused to make it easy to find. Wanting to know what I wrote about, they asked if I ever mentioned them or my coworkers. I realized that’s a decent chunk of my life I don’t share on here. With them in mind, I wanted to share with you why l love my job.

I work every Friday and Saturday night, in addition to Sunday mornings. While that seems like such a drag, my time there is always full of laughs. As a food runner, I spend most of my night in the kitchen with the chefs. They’re pretty funny, and make the night fly by. Even when it gets stressful, one of them will crack a joke and bring us all back to reality. The head chef, and my best friend, is probably the funniest of anyone there. He made it his personal mission to learn the phrase “Bumblebee Tuna” in as many languages as he can. His Christmas present from me was a framed picture of several translations. Next to Josh is Eric, who was nicknamed Deuce. Although he’s newer, he fit right in. He put up with our twisted sense of humor, and compliments it nicely. A true patriot, he’s great to talk politics with! Next to Deuce is Ben. He’s quirky and fun! After brunch on Sunday mornings, he usually puts out leftover short rib for me (the way to my heart). Intentional or not, I appreciate it all the same. He makes sure I never leave with an empty stomach. On nights I’m fortunate enough to work with Adam, I’m in for pure sarcasm and a sense of humor like mine. He knows everything there is to know about sports, and helped me draft my fantasy hockey team. I hope the blog is everything you thought it would be, Adam! The chefs make my weekends fun. Seldom do I feel like I’m missing out by spending my time at work.

The servers are just as great as the chefs. Shelby has become my work mom, and Taryn is my fun work aunt. They’re so loving and supportive of my aspirations. Chris and Kate keep me smiling and laughing as we poke fun at one another. Nadine is always positive and happy. Cheryl is full of wisdom, and Kim is always great for advice! Nearly every night, Steph and I would have Raspberry Iced Tea parties in the kitchen, but those fizzled out when we realized just how unhealthy it was. The servers have become like a little second family to me, and I’ll miss them all dearly in college.

My manager, Bridget, truly cares about all of the employees. She wants us all to succeed, but is also understanding that we’re people who make mistakes. Countless times, I’ve requested off the wrong day or been late because of school functions. As a mom herself, she’s incredibly understanding and kind. Bridget has offered me the opportunity to learn the valuable skill of serving to add to my resume. She and I see it as something I could do to make some extra money in college, as it’s much easier to hire someone with experience. I’m thankful for her benevolence and loving leadership!

The entire atmosphere of Cenacolo is familial. Each employee adds to the culture of the restaurant for customers and workers. It’s been a wonderful first job for me. I’ve learned a ton about money and time management. I can’t speak highly enough of the importance of getting a job at a younger age. It’s taught me a lot about the work force, but even more about people. Making money is great, but the relationships I’ve gained are even better. Chef, I hope this was all you thought it would be.



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