Crafting a Workspace

Some nights, I live at my desk. It’s my go-to when I’m inundated with homework. Creating this small space where I do nothing but focus has boosted my productivity and helped me better retain information. I’ve learned exactly what I need to keep in my drawers to ensure I’m focused and exactly what to put on it to keep me happy. Keeping my desk colorful and organized reduces my stress during late night cram sessions. Reworking your office space is a great way to get motivated!

Obviously, I keep the essentials close at hand in my desk drawers. Extra pencils, extra paper, and some fun pens are a must. My hole punch and stapler are rather utilitarian, so I tuck them away. They won’t take up valuable desk real estate in a drawer, nor clutter the surface. Beyond the basics though, I like to keep some weird items by my side. Getting distracted and uncomfortable pretty easily, I find that it helps to have a few tools nearby. I constantly get annoyed with my hair falling in my face when I’m hunched over my books, so I keep both regular hair ties and scrunches. I find myself constantly picking at my nails, and have a file and nail clippers in the top drawer. Lastly, I have dental floss. When my breath isn’t feeling the freshest, or my teeth are bothering me, I can whip it out without the extra trip. Leaving my desk typically means breaking focus, so keeping these odd essentials means I never have to interrupt a study session.

I prefer to keep the top of my desk as organized as I can. A cluttered desk makes a cluttered mind, and I can’t afford to miss a deadline or forget an assignment. My desk calendar gives me just enough space to color coordinate my schedule. Each class is associated with a certain colored pen in my planner, so I maintain these colors on my calendar. Seeing my entire month at a glance helps me know what to prepare for. Being a visual person, I’ve made it a routine to begin my work by copying down all the important information from my planner to my calendar. It’s both relaxing and eye opening. This little ritual gets me in the mindset to put my nose to the books!

School work can get stressful. For that reason, I like to light a candle before I begin. The subtle scent is pleasing, and the flickering light calms me. This is another little routine that helps me find the right frame of mind. Plus, getting a new candle gets me excited to study! It’s helped me view my office as a place of peace, and not anxiety. I like to do everything I can to make it the most comfortable environment, one where I’m at ease enough to learn.

While I have some extra things on my desk, they’re the typical office supplies used in a traditional way. My number one advice is to keep your workspace as enjoyable as possible. Make sure it’s a place where you feel peaceful and excited. It should inspire you to be the best version of yourself! Remember, you are successful, powerful, beautiful, and happy. Now light that candle, prep your calendar, and get that hair up in a messy bun. It’s time to get to work!

Stay Classy,


Dried flowers in my oversized mug
Loving my Lilly Pulitzer x Swell!

2 thoughts on “Crafting a Workspace

  1. Great habits. Your organization skills will be beneficial in your life. Hope you and your mom are staying warm. Enjoy the warmer weather coming soon💕👍🏻


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