Music I Can’t Live Without

Pandora is seriously the best. It has introduced me to some amazing music. With just a single song or artist, I can find a slew of similar ones without all the work of creating playlists in Spotify. I get to listen to new music in whichever genre I choose. Below are the stations I listen to based on my mood!

Cecelia and the Satellite Radio

I love Andrew McMahon so much! His music is so different and eclectic, and puts me in the mood to be creative. It’s so inspirational, that I’m listening to it now, as I draft this blog post. It’s my go to station for writing essays and scholarships. Vance Joy, Bleachers, and lovelytheband, get me motivated and put me in such a better mood. It’s also a perfect summer channel for jamming with your windows down and sunroof open. Who doesn’t love Kodaline?

Dion and the Belmont’s Radio

Music from the 50s and 60s is so much better than music today. The lyrics are so pure and the narratives are adorable. Rather than hearing about drugs and alcohol, I get to hear Paul Anka’s silky voice asking me to put my head on his shoulder. As embarrassing as it is, I know all of the lyrics to most of the songs. They’re so upbeat, and sound different than anything today. Put it on if you need a smile and some vocal perfection.

Hozier Radio

This station is a lot more low key and calming. I love to put it on super low while I study. The music is pretty relaxed, so it helps me get in the mood to do homework. It’s also a great channel for when I’m feeling down or anxious. With artists like Hozier, Mumford and Sons, and my man Lord Huron, the vocals are absolutely amazing. Give it a listen when you’re feeling overwhelmed!

I hope you’ll give one (or all!) of these stations a try. They each have their own purpose in my life, and maybe you’ll find that they help you too! Click on the pictures below to hear my favorite song from each station. What’s your favorite channel? Let me know below.

Stay Classy,



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