Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

If you’re anything like me, you wait until the last minute for everything. I think I just work better under pressure, but sometimes I cut it too close. If you haven’t shopped for your Valentine yet, check out a few gifts I’ve gotten Tyler in the past. You may have to pay a bit extra for shipping, but I’m sure they’ll love it!

Weighted Blanket

I love my weighted blanket! It’s thirteen pounds, and so comfortable. I fall asleep ridiculously quickly under it. Because I love my blanket so much, I want everyone to experience its coziness. A weighted blanket is the perfect gift for someone you like to cozy up beside. While they can range in price, spending more doesn’t always been better quality. Walmart has several different kinds that could ship to the store in time. The most important thing is that the weighted beads are sewn in pockets, so they don’t all fall to the bottom. I decided to get Tyler one this year, but am waiting to give it to him until he comes home from school. Can you imagine him flying home with a weighted blanket in his carry on?


I just had an epiphany that I could essentially procrastinate my Valentine’s Day shopping until today because of Amazon Prime! It’s a blessing and a curse. Basically anything that is eligible for Prime will get to your Valentine on time! If I had procrastinated (I didn’t this year), I could have had everything sent to Tyler at school. Chocolates, cologne, and other small items could easily be sent through Prime, but don’t wait too long!

Dollar Shave Club

If you’ve already accepted that you won’t get a gift in time, try gifting a subscription service. I got Tyler a few months of Dollar Shave Club for his birthday, and he loves it! It’s cost effective, and a great excuse for why you don’t have a gift in time. They also send some shaving cream and moisturizers. To my knowledge, you can opt for shower gel and shampoo instead of a razor. It’s a great way to keep him looking sharp, while he can also enjoy self care.

I hope you find your Valentine something they love! Worst comes to worst, you treat them to a nice dinner and some quality time together. Remember to appreciate and love everyone in your life on Valentine’s Day, not just your significant other. With the exception of the Dollar Shave Club, these gifts are great for parents, siblings, or even yourself! After all, you can’t love others if you don’t love yourself. Keep scrolling to see my Valentines!

Stay Classy,


My beautiful Mama
My sweet Tyler
Ice cream (Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked)

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