Styling Overalls

I love overalls! They’re a fun way to spice up a plain outfit. However, they can be hard to style. Depending on the season, I have difficulties picking a shirt to wear underneath. Overalls tend to be the statement piece of an outfit, and pairing accessories and shoes can present a challenge. I love and wear them often, so I hope I can help you put together some cute outfits!

In the fall and spring, I like to pair chunky sweaters under my overalls. They take some time to tuck in, but I usually start in the back and work my way to the front. You can hide any pleats or odd looking areas behind the front of the bib. I like to leave a bit of sweater out of the tuck to give a more effortless and causally look. As far as accessories go in the cooler months, some cute booties really elevate the look. I like to put my hair in a messy top knot to maintain the casual look.

I have a pair of short bibs that are adorable in the summer. With a simple t-shirt underneath them and some fun shoes, I’m ready to take on the day! When I wear my short overalls, I like to tuck in a thinner short sleeve shirt. I usually keep the color solid to keep the outfit from clashing. I can spice up the look with some colorful tennis shoes if I’m headed to the mall or to lunch. These shorts are great for adventuring in though, because they’re movable. If I’m headed to Sandhill Berries or on a picnic, my Converse are a great shoe to romp around in.

Styling overalls is a fun challenge. I try to maintain a more simple look no matter the season. Have fun strapping in!

Stay Classy,


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