Spring Cleaning

I’m honestly a pretty messy person. My bathroom has been a wreck for a few months, but lately I noticed it was impacting my mood. I didn’t care to take time in doing my hair or makeup because I wanted out of there as quickly as possible! I felt cluttered and messy. This past weekend, however, I got the inspiration to clean it out. I noticed that I never cared to keep it clean because I didn’t really like the way it looked. With this in mind, I set out to organize and decorate it after I was done gutting it.

To begin cleaning, I got rid of dirty clothes and garbage. Focusing on just one aspect of the mess kept me on track. After everything that didn’t need to be in there was out, I went through the process of sorting the clutter on my vanity. I separated everything into three categories (these later become my three major drawers): skin care, makeup, and hygiene. I emptied out my drawers and sorted them into each pile. From here, I used my drawer organizers from Target to neatly put everything away. They came in handy especially for my makeup! Each product is sorted by what it does. Once everything was decluttered and tucked away, I went in to fully clean.

Having a clean canvas, I could easily spot bare areas. The shelves on the wall behind my mirror were vacant of color or excitement. I decided to maintain the blue and peach color scheme, but wanted to add some fun flair. In Target (yet again!) I put together the small vignettes on each shelf. Not only are they cute, but hold things like bath salts and candles, staples in my bath time routine! I thought the wall hanging was a nice touch to fill dead space. In picking out these things, I mainly concerned myself with proportion and color. I wanted varying heights and widths to keep the eye excited. I also planned where everything would go while I was shopping. This ensured I didn’t have too much of a single color on either shelf. I’m not quite done with my vanity yet, but I love how my bathroom is looking!

I hope you’re feeling determined to remake a space you’ve been avoiding. With the help of my essential oil diffuser, my cleaning jams, and some elbow grease, my once messy bathroom is now a stately spa. I’ll keep you posted as I decorate, but for now get cleaning!

Stay Classy,


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