Bite of the Big Apple

I spent most of last week in New York, and it was tons of fun! Each year the National Honors Society takes its students on an adventure. It’s always a great trip full of unique experiences. This year was no exception.

I woke up bright and early Tuesday morning to board the bus. By 6:15 we hit the road! After several hours of napping and listening to music, we finally arrived at our hotel in North Bergen New Jersey. We had a half hour to get settled and dressed for our first stop, a Yankee game. I knew it would be chilly up in peanut heaven, so I dressed in layers and was sure to bring a jacket. At the stadium, we got to tour Memorial Park and view the field at ground level. It was an awesome game against the Red Sox, but the Yankees won. We headed back to our hotel and got settled for the night.

Our second day was action packed! We started at the 911 Memorial, which was truly an eye opening experience. I was just a baby when it happened, but the museum made me feel like I was there. Be sure to check out the timeline if you ever go! My friends and I got a bit hungry after, and went on the hunt for some lunch. The street food was pretty great! Our bellies full, we headed to see a broadway show. Unfortunately, “The Prom” wasn’t really up my ally. I love musicals, but this one was pretty offensive. While the performance was great, the show it self was pretty crude. Our dinner at the Ellen Stardust Diner made up for it! We got to sit and enjoy performances by the waitstaff while we ate. Everyone was so talented. Our last show of the day was Amateur Night at the Apollo. This was probably my favorite part of the trip. The audience was encouraged to get loud and participate in each of the acts. During intermission, my friends and I got to dance on stage! I left with a sore throat, but tons of memories. Our busy day came to a close late at night.

Our last day in New York was spent in Time Square. We got to enjoy some freedom on the city streets for a few hours. My friend Lexi and I were sure to stop at Tiffany and the classic I ❤️ NY Gifts. We made it all over town that day, but couldn’t pass up a NY Slice at Upside Pizza. The line was long, but it was so worth it! At around 3 o’clock, we boarded The Ride. It was a bus that gave us a brief tour of the city as we sat stadium style. Performers danced in the streets to entertain us. While this wasn’t the best experience either, I know I’ll laugh when I remember it in the future. The Ride was about two hours late, and the “hosts” were full of corny, albeit enthusiastic, jokes. I’m glad we got to try it out, but if you’re ever in town it’s definitely an attraction you can skip. Our day came to a close with a walk to the Empire State Building. We were all pretty tired so we didn’t stay on the observation deck long, but it was a beautiful view. At around 5, we boarded the bus and headed home.

My trip to New York was so much fun! I made tons of memories and had lots of laughs. I’d definitely recommend you give these attractions a try, especially if you’re going in a large group. This was my third time to the Big Apple, but I’ve seen something new each time. Happy travels!

Stay Classy,


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