Senior Prom

My Senior Prom was a blast! I went with one of my closest guy friends, Andrew. I’ve gone to a few dances with him, and it’s always low stress and very fun. Our table took pictures and danced together all night, then came back to my house to unwind. Rather than sharing a lengthy blog post, I figured I would show you a bunch of pictures. It was all laughs with this group!

My Sherri Hill dress was originally $498, but on sale for under half that. PromGirl is a great website to find beautiful dresses at any price point. I always have luck, especially for someone who orders last minute. It wasn’t the typical prom dress, but I felt it very well represented my classy side. We accented with hot pink.

Tyler was a great sport through pictures!

My beautiful Mama made sure I had a perfect prom!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of my last dance. My time in High School has been full of highs and lows, but I’ll never forget all the fun I had at my Senior Prom!

Stay Classy,


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