Where I’ve Been . . .

Summer ’19 has been crazy already! I’m sure my lack of posts has clued you into some exciting new changes in my life. Since Goodbye Senior Year, I’ve prepared myself for Pitt, went on a few adventures, and even went skydiving. I know I somewhat disappeared after graduation, but I’ve really enjoyed living in the moment these past few weeks.

Graduation was a sad blur. It was bittersweet to leave the high school I’ve called home, but I’m thankful to be moving on. The school represents tremendous growth in the face of adversity to me. While it wasn’t always the most supportive environment, I know it taught me so much about myself. The goodbyes were hard, but I know that several of my friendships will withstand the distance. All the sappiness and cliches aside, Vespers and Commencement were incredibly memorable. I was fortunate to be selected to do a reading for our Vespers Ceremony, and I know this memory will stick with me for years to come! We celebrated my graduation with a beautiful garden party at home. It was wonderful to see friends and family and enjoy some yummy food. My mom and I love throwing parties and having company, so we really went all out for my graduation party. I’m so thankful to my many wonderful neighbors for all their help, but I’m even more grateful for my sweet Mama for all that she did to make my party perfect.

As summer began, I decided to be proactive about my preparation for college. As an anxious person, this helped tremendously. I finished my Online Orientation for Pitt (and loved it more than the average freshman) in just three days. Thanks to my many upperclassmen friends, I’ve already scheduled my classes too! Surprisingly, I’ve struggled to decorate my dorm room, so if you have any suggestions for me, leave them below. I’m excited to see where this year takes me.

Rachel and I have started up our adventuring again! She has a beautiful, free spirit and is always showing me exciting new places. One of our long drives brought us to a breath taking natural spring near Beam’s Rock! While the water was incredibly blue, it was also crazy cold. We’ll definitely be back to swim again on a hot day. In the same spirit of adventure, we journeyed out to Cooper’s Rock for some hiking and views. After a difficult, rocky slope, we were met with some gorgeous views of Cheat Lake. The power lines just added to the aesthetic.

Most recently, I jumped out of an airplane at 13,500 feet. Rather than writing a paragraph about it, wouldn’t you prefer to watch this awesome video of my experience? Thought so!

This summer has been absolutely amazing so far. I’m sure there’s only more memories to come. I’ll be returning to my weekly blog posts next week, so check back in to see what shenanigans I’m up to this time!

Stay Classy,


One thought on “Where I’ve Been . . .

  1. So nice. Glad to see you are enjoying the next phase of life. So much to do and see. Loved the skydiving video. So brave. Keep up with adventures. Be safe. 💕


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