Classy Girl in College

Wow. It’s been awhile! I couldn’t get myself to write as I prepared for college. I was overwhelmed with all the changes that were coming my way, and felt pressured to spend every waking moment with my friends and family. Once move in day rolled around, I cut out social media quite a bit to focus on making friends and adjusting to my new home. Now that I’ve grown accustom to the city, I figured it’s time to share what my life in college has been like.

As far as decorating goes, my mom and I spent lots of time finding the right pieces. I chose a color scheme of light pink, light blue, and navy. From there, it was just a matter of getting the basics in these colors! I also got a lot of inspiration from other bloggers to make a gallery wall. I found this Etsy page that makes wooden monograms, and decided it would be my centerpiece. It was relatively inexpensive and just needed a coat of paint. Sticking with my color scheme, I collected frames and wall art from places like Marshalls, HomeGoods, and Pier One. At home, I decided how I’d arrange it on my wall so I wouldn’t be in a panic the day of move in. Playing around with orientations and pictures was a great way to get excited about all the change that was headed my way. Decorating the rest of my room was pretty easy. My bedspread came from Bed Bath and Beyond, and my throw pillows from Walmart, Marshalls, and Society6. I got my cable knit throw blanket from Amazon. It was a steal!

Move in day was tons of fun! I had help from my brother and his fiancé, as well as my sweet mom. They all worked so hard to ensure my room was a space I loved. We had some trouble moving the furniture around, but ultimately made it as open as it could possibly be. I love having my dresser above the window. It’s a great place to do my makeup, and even better for my little succulent family. Next to them, I keep a cute little lamp for some cozy lighting. Because my bed is so high, I have a small pouf I use to climb in. It also serves as extra seating when I have guests! Beneath my bed is a 6 cube organizer. I keep essentials like detergent, cleaning supplies, and a tool kit in each of the soft sided bins. It is both cute and functional.

The week of orientation was perfect for making friends. We moved in a week before classes started, and enjoyed a stress free couple of days to get acclimated. On my first night, I had most of the girls from my floor over. It was great to meet everyone I’d be living with! Everyone is so sweet, but I bonded most with Alison and Ashley! We all have a similar sense of humor, but came from much different places. Their lingo is “wicked” strange, as Ashley would say. A few nights later, we met Caleb. He quickly became one of the gals. Some of my friends, like Evan, are in my classes and are great to do homework with. We all hang out and get meals together quite a bit.

I’ve endured two weeks of engineering classes, and they’re no joke! Thanks to my Erin Condren Planner, I’ve been staying super organized. While I’m sure I’ll get in the groove of classes soon, it has been difficult to adjust. It’s so tempting to let a quick lunch turn into hours of socializing, but I’ve been trying to be more diligent about my work. It’s much easier to be ahead of schedule than to try to play catchup. The hourly set up of my planner has been extra helpful for me to identify when I’ll have free time between classes. I’m sure I’ll manage my time better as the month progresses, but for now it’s difficult!

I hope to get back to blogging more regularly. It’s such a relaxing hobby, and a great creative outlet. As a freshman in engineering, I am inundated with plenty of work, but have to make time for things that I’m passionate about. Thank you for joining me on my journey to college! It has been a rocky road to get to Pitt (I’m sure the next few months won’t be much easier), but I know that it’ll lead me somewhere wonderful – somewhere I’ve always wanted to be.

Stay Classy,


Cocoa didn’t want me to leave
Dorm Sweet Dorm!
My succulent family!
Alison and I on our first adventure
From left to right: Vie, Ashley, Me, Kinza, Caleb, and Alison

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