Spring Semester Update

Hey Everyone! 

I’ve been wanting to blog for awhile, but could never seem to find the time with classes. Last semester was a whirlwind, and trying to complete college assignments at home didn’t make life any less busy.

 With the pandemic, all of my classes were online with the exception of a clinical lab, part of my Emergency Medicine Technician course. I also took Organic Chemistry, Biology, and Morality in Medicine. While it was a lighter course load, I’m glad I gave myself a bit of a break. Classes from home were no joke, and my EMT class was almost 10 hours of class time a week. Because of my lighter credit load, I spent more time working on each of my classes and appreciating them more. I somehow fell in love with Organic Chemistry, weird, I know. After finishing the semester with a 4.0 (woohoo!), I enjoyed a long winter break. 

My mom and I made the decision to forgo our annual Christmas party because of the pandemic. Regardless, we enjoyed time together. “Just the Two of Us” became our anthem. I spent my time off relaxing, baking, and learning to crochet! I’m almost done with my first project, an aphghan for my dog! After procrastinating my National Registry EMT exam for over a month, I scheduled it and began cramming. It was really neat to see how fortunate I was to take the class from such an incredible instructor. Although sponsored by Pitt, my class was taught through the Center for Emergency Medicine. It prepared me well to take my exam, and I passed on my first try!

Shortly after my exam, my spring semester of classes started up. It was a bit daunting at first, but I’ve definitely settled in. I’m taking Organic Chemistry 2, Organic Chemistry Lab, Biology 2, Mind and Medicine, and Art and Empire. I’m really enjoying OChem again, and looking forward to the lab! I’m hoping to get more involved in my research lab this semester, and join some new extracurriculars. I’m definitely feeling like it is crunch time to beef up my resume for medical school.

This summer I hope to work as an EMT and get clinical hours. I’d also like to do shadowing and work on research. Hopefully, I’ll get a publication or two under my belt! I have really high expectations for the next few months, and I am hoping Covid doesn’t ruin my plans. In the meantime, I hope you’re staying positive and testing negative! 



One thought on “Spring Semester Update

  1. So nice to see what you have been up to. Sounds fabulous. All that Chemistry stuff and EMT training. Congrats on passing the exam on the first try👍🏻🥰. So glad you and your Mom are spending quality time together. She is a wonderful mother and friend. Good luck with your spring semester🙏💕


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