Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

I am sitting here violently ignoring my Mind and Medicine lecture, and both instagram and Facebook been squeezed of every drop of entertainment. I have taken to writing a blog instead! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought it might be nice to share a small gift guide for any last minute shoppers! I’ve shared one specifically for guys here, but this one might be a little better suited for the ladies, or even treating yourself. It’s great for the plant lover, foodie, or relaxation enthusiast. 

I became obsessed with plants last year, predominantly when the pandemic hit. I could grow my own friends! Starting with mostly succulents and cacti, I branched out to larger house plants. They make a great little gifts that keep on giving. For the person prone to killing plants, I’d definitely recommend a heart shaped bamboo. It is incredibly resilient, and so cute! If you’re buying for that forgetful someone, this heart shaped Hoya is adorable! They survive on neglect, especially in the winter. Drenching the plant every two to three weeks and allowing the soil to dry out completely between waterings is plenty of attention. Those will a green thumb will love a string of hearts. I’ve had my eye on one forever, and thought it would make such a cute gift. They grow long vines with the most adorable heart shaped leaves. 

If plants aren’t their style, head to Chick-fil-A! They’re doing heart shaped chicken nugget trays, cookie/brownie trays, and other specials for Valentines day. Just remember to pick it up on Saturday, since Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year. You can never go wrong with an assortment of chocolate either! Head to Trader Joes for some fun kinds, and Target for your more traditional chocolate bars. My last recommendation is a bit DIY, but I think a charcuterie board could be so cute! I always like brie, goat cheese, and gouda for cheeses. Cured meats like prosciutto and pepperoni pair well. I like to add some sweetness, so dried apricots are usually a go-to. For Valentine’s Day, you might want to add some chocolate covered strawberries or use heart shaped cookie cutters for the meat or cheese.  Just throw on some crackers and you’re done!

With almost everyone working from home, sweatpants are a staple. Rather than feeling frumpy in old, worn out sweats, invest in some comfortable athleisure. J.Crew has released a ton of new sweatsuits just in time! I’ve also been a big fan of the brand UpWest. Joggers are perfect for feeling both comfortable and put together. Finish the leisure suit with some cozy slippers. On the higher end, Ugg has well made slippers in a variety of styles. A more middle of the road price would be Madewell’s Quilted Scuff slippers. They look nice and cozy without overheating you. You can never go wrong with some fuzzy slipper socks either. 

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day can’t be fun or spontaneous. Let me know if you take any of my recommendations, or if you have any for me! All of these gifts would be great treat for yourself. Be your own Valentine! You’ll get exactly what you were hoping for! 


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