About this Classy Girl

The Author


My name is Maya, and I started Classy Girl in a Whirl in the summer of 2017. I wanted an outlet to share my fashion, adventures, and life advice. I believe by staying classy and confident, a girl can do anything! I hope you find style inspiration and some wise words on my blog.

I grew up in Western Pennsylvania, where people dressed very different than I. It was fun to standout, but I do so in more ways than just my fashion. I’m currently attending the University of Pittsburgh, studying Bioengineering. I hope to attend medical school following graduation.

In my free time, which I do surprisingly have, I love being lazy; laying around doing nothing is my favorite! When I muster up the energy to get out of bed, my life ┬árevolves around “The Three F’s”, food, friends, and fashion. You’ll probably hear a lot about my favorite places to eat because they all hold a special place in my heart (and stomach). I drag my friends to them all the time. When we aren’t eating, my friends and I like to go on crazy adventures. We rock climb at Beams Rock, sing our hearts out at karaoke, and go for long drives on country roads so we can take cool pictures for Instagram. There’s no shame in what we’ll do for an awesome picture.

Finally, let’s talk about fashion! That’s probably why you’re here anyway. My style is very much New England-y and preppy. I’m not sure exactly what draws me to a starched Oxford, but it makes me feel so confident. Dressing preppy helps me focus in school, and makes me feel put together. It keeps me classy! I never feel too revealed or risque, which I believe makes me respected by all. I am very much a leader in my classes and among my friends, so dressing like it feels great! Overall, my sense of style is a great way to express myself, and start trends. Who knew a single girl could make Vineyard Vines so common in the halls of a Western Pennsylvania school? I really love being a trend setter, it gives me freedom to try new things. Though dressing preppy can get expensive, I love a good bargain or off brand buy! I can’t wait to share my fashion on a budget with you.

I’m so glad you took the time to check out my blog. Please explore my posts, and feel free to connect with me. I’d love to get to know you!

The Editor

My great friend Hannah is to credit for catching all my typos! She has a knack for editing and inspiring all my posts. I can’t thank her enough for all her hard work.

I met Hannah at a conference called HOBY. We cracked jokes for awhile, mostly about how everyone at the program said they were “life long friends”. The weekend was a whirlwind, but Hannah and I laughed our way through. As it drew to an end, I came to realize that I really did want her to be a lifelong friend. Her strength in sharing personal stories and her grace inspired me. She’s been with me since the inception of Classy Girl in a Whirl! From choosing a name, to brainstorming posts, Hannah has been with me through it all. So anytime you see a typo, blame Hannah, not me!